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COP23 Side-Event: Displacements induced by El Niño, a public health issue

The 2017 UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), presided by Fiji and held in Bonn, Germany, opens today. As for previous COPs, the Centre Virchow-Villermé...   Read More

Launch of Lancet Countdown 2017 report – climate change already damaging health of millions globally

New research shows that climate change is already a significant public health issue and a looming global health emergency. Its findings, outlined in The...   Read More

The CVV and the University of Geneva investigate the nutrition and climate change education of future health professionals

Some challenging and persistent global public health problems are related to nutrition and to climate change. Nutrition is a major determinant of health, associated...   Read More

Climate Change and Health on the global agenda

With the election of French President Emmanuel Macron this year, climate change came once again at the forefront of the French political agenda. Only...   Read More