Other Fields of Research

Besides its activities on Climate change and health, MOOCs, Open science and Bilateral research, the Centre Virchow Villermé for Public Health Paris-Berlin is involved in other fields of public health research.

Health Ranking


Nutrition Education for Health Professionals

Tobacco control 

Tobacco smoking is still one of the most significant issues in public health and the leading cause for preventable death all over the world, especially in Europe. Explicit political efforts and decisions have both helped and failed to reduce tobacco consumption. In addition, it has been shown that socio-economic inequalities in smoking exist. In most high-income countries, lower social groups show a higher prevalence in smoking. Reducing these social inequalities remain a major public health challenge.

Two research projects were conducted at the Centre Virchow-Villermé with the following aims:

  • To compare the tobacco control policies, regarding strategies and choice of policy mix in France and in Germany;
  • To explore the potential of population based tobacco control interventions in reducing the social inequalities in smoking.

The results of both studies will be soon published and further information will be available on our website.