Summerschool “Global Health and local Knowledge”

During the week of September 20th, 2016, the Institute of Public Health had organized a summer school on “Global Health and Local Knowledge: Learning from Case Studies”. Students from around the world with a large diversity in disciplinary backgrounds including anthropology, nutrition, medicine, public health, and linguistics, engaged in learning about global health from a sociological, an epidemiological, and a political lens. The summer school was carried by an openness of students and lecturers to learn the perspective of the other.

Students engaged with lecturers from around the globe the challenges of global health and approaches on how to move global health forward to make it a truly health for all approach. The focus was strongly driven by a discussion how different disciplines can and have to work together to achieve the aim.  Lectures were divided between academics reflecting on subjects such as risk assessment, vaccination, the history of global health, and risk perceptions and lecturers from the World Health Organization and the Robert-Koch-Institute presenting the challenges of health communication in situations of crisis and outbreaks.  This third summer school carried out with the funding from Chiba University and the Centre Virchow-Villermé, once again showed the importance of a wide variety of foci to understand and improve current efforts in global health.

Link to the programm

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