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Biological differences and gender inequalities in a health perspective

by Serge Rabier Serge Rabier, associate researcher at CVV and member of the French High Council on Gender Equality, focuses in his work on...   Read More

Gender and climate change: pictures that speak for themselves

You can see above a picture of US President Donald Trump, signing one of his first presidential decrees. This decree restores the “global gag...   Read More

Lancement des inscriptions au MOOC Violences faites aux femmes

Le CVV présente, dans le cadre du projet #MOOCLive, le MOOC Violences faites aux femmes coordonné scientifiquement par les Prof. Henri-Jean Philippe et Aline...   Read More

Assisted reproductive technology for all women: an anthropological step that still needs to be regulated

On June 27, 2017, the French Ethics Committee issued a report stating that assisted reproductive technology should be available for all women, and not...   Read More