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Mobilizing digital tools for health research and education: a CVV idea for E. Macron

Voir cette page en français | Khamsa Habouchi, deputy director of the Centre Virchow-Villermé, contributed to the book “60 idées pour Emmanuel Macron” (“60...   Read More

Assessment of the MOOC “Contrôler une épidémie de maladies émergentes infectieuses” – two key moments

The MOOC “Contrôler une épidémie de maladies infectieuses émergentes”, taught by Professor Antoine Flahaut, took place from February 10 to March 23, 2014. Of...   Read More

Feedback from Professor Yves Charbit: “The MOOC is a personalized service”

Professor Yves Charbit taught the fourth MOOC of the Centre Virchow-Villermé. This experienced demographer presented his MOOC “La bombe démographique est-elle désamorcée ?”, available...   Read More

Post-MOOC reflections from Professor Antoine Flahault: “I am more convinced than ever that this technique is here to stay”

From January to May 2014, the Centre Virchow-Villermé launched its first four MOOCs in public health. Antoine Flahault, co-director of the Centre and Professor...   Read More

MOOCs in Public Health : challenges and stakes for a new educational experience

MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) : Behind this acronym stand strong challenges and stakes  in terms of pedagogy and education for the XXIst century. Not only...   Read More