Defiance against vaccination: feedback on the 2016 participatory experiment

The debate on vaccination was revived in France after the Minister of Health announced that she wishes to make 11 children’s vaccines mandatory.

Whether in the United States, Europe, Japan or Australia, public criticism of vaccines is rising. Already in the US in 1996, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the federal public health agency) devoted a flyer to a critical review of the rumors surrounding vaccination, from the more traditional (vaccines as poison) to the more contemporary (conspiracy theories).

Like France with hepatitis B or England with measles, the United States had their vaccines crisis with a mad campaign targeting the pertussis vaccine in the 1970s. This crisis led to suspend the vaccination, which resulted in a 10 to 100 fold increase of the disease’s incidence among young people compared with countries where vaccination had not been interrupted.

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Article from Avner Bar-Hen & Patrick Zylberman in The Conversation France, July 3, 2017.

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