Call for partnerships: “Digital methods, Climate & Health” Program

Seminars and hands-on workshops. A critical overview of digital methods and tools developed around the research themes: Climate and Health.


The program “digital methods, climate & health” targets different institutes and research groups who have worked or are working within the cross-disciplinary themes of climate and health. It intends to bring together different profiles and disciplinary fields for an exchange of experience and a critical review of the digital methods and tools developed around these themes. This will take place in the form of a seminar (4 to 5 sessions) followed by 2 or 3 days of hands-on workshops. Participants will create a “mini research project” in speedy fashion in order to experiment the different stages associated with the method. They will be able to familiarize themselves with digital tools/platforms of analysis (Cortext, Gargantext, Hyphe etc.)

The seminar sessions will go through the research works of each project and share the research methods developed as well as the study of digital domain (on-line discussion and debate, mobilization strategies on the web etc) and the use of digital methods (text analysis, social network analysis etc). Three day workshop will follow and focus on addressing the methods invoked during the seminar.

We are looking for partners (institutes / research groups) to develop and put this program into practice by associating their competences in theory and practice in order to grasp this multifaceted theme. Partners will have on one hand the role of defining together the themes of each seminar session based on a call for communications. Partners will also discuss together the form in which the seminar and the hands-on workshops will take place (location, budget allocation etc).


Communication of interest should can be adressed to the team from Centre Virchow-Villermé before the 15 July 2016 to the following addresses: ; ;


> Download the full call 

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