Newsletter No. 7 – Editorial

Dear readers,

Since our last Newsletter edition in February 2017 the political landscape has been changing in France and Germany. Both countries are confronted with a political right shift which is being observed with concern and worries by players in Public and Global Health. In such times, it is therefore even more important to be able to rely on sound bilateral relations. A few days ago, the new French Ambassador in Berlin, Mrs. Anne-Marie Descôtes, visited the Charité. Elke Schäffner, co-director of the Centre Virchow-Villermé (CVV) in Berlin took this opportunity to present the Centre and to express her appreciation for the excellent cooperation. As in previous years, the French Embassy in Berlin invited the Centre Virchow-Villermé in 2017 to hold a French-German Global Health conference on their beautiful premises. You will find a short summary of the event in this edition.

Education and digitalization were important topics both in the German and in the French election campaigns. Since 2014, the CVV is offering free digital education (so called MOOCs) in Public and Global Health and is continuously expanding its digital activities. In this edition, we will inform you about the new MOOCs to come and our plans for a Global Health e-Academy.

The diversity and interdisciplinary of Public Health is also reflected in the various research projects of the CVV staff. Learn more about our research on climate and health as well as the role of nutrition in public health teaching. I hope you enjoy the reading.

Yours sincerely,

Tobias Kurth, Co-director

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