Editorial – Newsletter 5 – June 2016

Mitglieder des Beirats des Centre Virchow-Villermé

Elke Schäffner

Dear readers,

It is a common phenomenon: Topics of crises appear and disappear on and from the news following the acuteness of the word “crisis” which implies an only temporary state. This however is misleading as the consequences and implications involved in many crises are often protracted and can involve different areas of human life which are associated with one another: economy, politics and health.

Climate change or the migrant flows are examples of global health issues that have acute but first and foremost long term implications for multiple areas of human life all of which are not even foreseeable for us today.

The CVV has picked exactly these two topics – migration and climate change – and combined them to one joined topic with a particular focus on the implications for Public Health. What to some readers may sound like a forced wedding of two independent public health problems is in fact an interesting debate how these topics are and have been connected for a longer time already. The CVV-conference “Climate migration & health” which is held in the French embassy in Berlin on June 10 intends to illustrate exactly this relationship between the two topics.

Thus, the CVV is delighted to continue its tradition of workshop series and conferences covering topics of public and global health relevance by serving as a mediating platform for the exchange and network of representatives of science, politics, civil society and industry from France, Germany and abroad.

We hope you enjoy the conference!

Elke Schaeffner

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