MOOC Has the demographic bomb been defused?

About the course

This MOOC aims to answer to the following question: “How to explain the global decrease in fertility from a socio-demographic perspective?” The objective is to explain the complexity of a fundamental human behavior, fecundity, by showing that a multi-disciplinary approach is needed and not only a focus on the data itself. It shows that demographic evolutions make sense only in the view of economical, social, cultural and political factors, widely intertwined. This MOOC is associating theory and concrete case study, often from personal field research in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Course team

Université Paris Descartes University


Five-week course. Each week corresponds to a particular sequence and consists in videos, quizzes, and weekly exercises. Two hours of study are required weekly (video+ quizzes and exercises).

Course plan

Chapter 1: Global growth.

Chapter 2: Decrease in child mortality.

Chapter 3: Contraception and fecundity.

Chapter 4: Education, religion and fecundity.

Chapter 5: Global explanations.

French (English subtitles)

No particular prerequisite in terms of demography or anthropology but an undergraduate level (Bachelor / licence in France) is required to understand the language used and have a sufficient general knowledge (+ 3 years after high school).

Students, executive officers from NGOs working in low and middle income countries, staff from the public sector in charge of population issues in those countries and to everybody interested in demographic issues in general.

  • Santé publique
  • Sciences de l’environnement
  • Sciences de l’organisation de l’espace urbain
  • Question interdisciplinaire des impacts sanitaires du changement climatique

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