Upcoming MOOCs

The MOOCs included in the #MOOCLive project:

  • „Drugs, drug use, drug policy and health” allows students to analyse the question of drug use and its global concerns. This MOOC will be available beginning of 2018.
  • „Responding to health challenges in Africa” focuses on health inequities throughout Africa and will be available in February 2018.

The other MOOCs in production process are:

  • “The Anthropological Demography of Health” developed by Prof. Philip Kreager;
  • “Population and Health Development: Is the health system a victim of its own success?”, coordinated by Prof. Ian Pool;
  • “Reconceptualizing Human Health History” designed by Prof. Jim LA Webb.

Thess 3 MOOCs will be available in 2018 in English with French subtitles.

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