A new contributory and augmented format for the #MOOCSCiNum

The videos of the «Digital Research within the Health and Life Sciences field» MOOC, whose first session was launched in October 2016 on FUN, have just been put online in a rich and contributory format on the SamNetwork platform.


In October 2015, the MOOC Digital Research within the Health and Life Sciences field», #MOOCSciNum, was launched on FUN platform. This course dedicated to students, researchers and health and life sciences professionals researchers, aimed at providing the necessary elements to adapt to the evolution of health research practices (from Management to Communication and the dissemination of scientific resources) and for being able to handle the associated numerical tools gathered more than 1,000 people.


The MOOC proposed in an open session for 7 weeks in October 2015 however did not benefit those wishing to access this content from outside this session. With this in mind, and in collaboration with SAPIENS, the Centre has made available the #MOOCSciNum, with no time limit on the platform SamNetwork which is developed by Sciences Po.


The platform offers interesting functionalities such as navigation between several videos through content chapters, and each video is enriched with additional resources (texts, quotations, images). The MOOC is now available with a chapter board that allows easy access to the interviews of the 7 sessions of MOOC. All the additional resources proposed in the MOOC are also readily available as and when they are read (information on a specific term, presentation page of the speakers or synthesis computer graphics and tutorials for presenting digital tools).


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