MOOC – The Science of Global Health implementation

The Centre Virchow-Villermé for Public Health Paris-Berlin developed with the Professor Suzanne Babich (Indiana University – Purdue Univerity) the comprehensive MOOC “The Science of Global Health implementation”. The aim of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the topic of implementation science including immediately applicable problem solving and analytical skills. Courses will starts on April 11th of 2016 and registrations are now open.
A practical introduction to implementation science

Reflecting the transdisciplinary nature of global health, the course will draw on integrated qualitative and quantitative tools from a broad array of fields. It will explore all the analytical and practical step of the implementation framework, allowing students to understand the suitability of different tools for different application.

The course will first give an introduction to the notion of implementation science and will show how to use it in a global health research project. The course will then offer a range of sessions aiming at preparing, designing implementing and sustaining change. Ethnography, design engineering, business and organizational behavior are some of the approaches that will be presented to the participants, introducing to theories such as the Lewin stage model, run charts, wastes in leans etc. This, in order to offer a complete approach for implementing research in local and international settings.


Course organization and access

Suzanne M. Babich, DrPH, MS, Associate Dean of Global Health, Professor of Health Policy and Management at M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), USA, will be teaching this five weeks course. Invited guest will be presenting some lectures, accordingly to their specific experiences on the topic of implementation science. (Invited guests : Rohit Ramaswany (UNC Gillins School of Global Health), Odessa Dariel (EHESP), Mathias Waelli (EHESP) et Marie-Aline Bloch (EHESP)).

Reading materials and quizzes will be furnished, and a 5-6 hours of additional work per week are recommended to achieve a real exploration of the topic of implementation science. A forum will be open to allow participants and instructors to discuss some of the issues of the course.

This course is best suited for undergraduate and graduated student in a variety of health disciplines and health professionals.


The MOOC is now open to registration:


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