Philip Kreager

Philip Kreager is an anthropological demographer and historian of population thought and analysis. He is Senior Research Fellow in Human Sciences, Somerville College; Director, Fertility and Reproductive Studies Group (FRSG), School of Anthropology; Lecturer and Tutor in Population at the Institute of Human Sciences; and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Population Ageing, Oxford University. He currently co-directs an exploratory anthropological and demographic study of problems of malaria treatment in the eastern archipelago of Indonesia.

During 1999-2007 he directed Ageing in Indonesia, a multi-site longitudinal study of ageing in three Indonesian Communities, supported by the Welcome Trust. This work has led to continuing collaboration with the University of Indonesia, where he is Honorary Professor. Dr Kreager has a primary interest in the history of population thought, particularly as a common ground of theory and analysis linking the biological and social sciences. His Directorship of FRSG has involved him in planning courses for the Medical School on cross-cultural issues of reproductive health and IVF, and of workshops and seminars on AIDS, genetic implications of consanguineous marriage, ecological and social implications of genomics, the diversity of fertility declines, and related health topics in the School of Anthropology.

Two major publications which he has led and co- edited will appear in 2015: Population and the Human Sciences: Concepts, Models, Evidence. Philip Kreager, Bruce Winney, Stanley Ulijaszek and Cristian Capelli, eds. Oxford: Oxford University Press; and Fertility, Conjuncture, Difference: Anthropological Approaches to the Heterogeneity of Fertility Declines. A Bochow and P. Kreager, eds. Oxford: Berghahn.

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