Ian Pool

ian pool
Ian Pool conceived and produced an online course (MOOC) for the Centre Virchow-Villermé entitled Population and health development: Is the health system victim of its own successes?; the course will appear online in 2015.

Ian Pool is Professor Emeritus of Demography of the Waikato University (New Zealand), Associate Professor of the University Paris Descartes, Honorary Professor at the Jinjiang-College of Sichuan University, Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand and co-publisher (with Prof. Yves Charbit, University Paris Descartes) of the book series “Demographic Transformation and Socio-Economic Development” (Springer-Verlag) (Dordrecht, Netherlands). He was bestowed the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2013.

Since 1960, his research and teaching activities have taken him to Australia, Burkina Faso, Canada, England, Ghana, New Zealand, Niger and the United States. He has also worked in France, in English and French-speaking Africa, Asia, and the Pacific region. Ian Pool has more than 150 books and scientific presentations and presentations at home and abroad to his credit.

He was the recipient of the 2005-2006 James Cook Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand (RSNZ); in 2009 he was awarded the RSNZ’s Te Rangi Hiroa Medal (Sir Peter Buck). In 2012, a series of articles was published in his honor by his colleagues.

Books he has published in New Zealand include: Te Iwi Maori (1991, Auckland University Press – AUP),  The New Zealand Family from 1840 (2007, with A. Dharmalingam and J. Sceats, AUP), Restructuring and Hospital Care: Sub-national Trends, Differentials, and their Impacts in New Zealand from 1981 (2010 with S. Baxendine, J Cheung, N. Coombes, A. Dharmalingam, G. Jackson, J. Katzenellenbogen and J. Sceats, Waikato University, Population Studies Centre). Internationally, in 2005 with S. Tuljapurkar and V. Prachuabmoh he co-authored: Population, Resources and Development: Riding the Age Waves, (Springer, Dordrecht) and 2006 with L. Wong and E. Vilquin: Age Structural Transitions: Challenges for Development, (CICRED, Paris).

Since 2005, he has authored numerous articles and held various lectures at renowned universities (National University of Singapore, Stanford University, University of Western Ontario, University of Montreal, Cambridge and Oxford Universities). He is also a member in numerous international committees.

He is active in several organizations and scientific societies in New Zealand, for instance the National Conference on Ageing held in Hastings in 2013.

He is currently working on two books on the demographic impacts of colonization on the Maori population and its subsequent development, as well as a third book on the demographic history of New Zealand. In 2012, he published articles in which he examined the family structures of Scottish families in New Zealand and Scotland. He has also addressed the demographic turbulence occurring in the Arab countries due to changing age distribution patterns.

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