CVV contribution : « Women, as actors in addressing climate change »

Professor Yves Charbit, member of the CVV, played an active role in the drafting of an important report on Women, as actors in addressing climate change, which was handed to Laurent Fabius on October 16th.

The report convincingly argues first, that climate change has even more serious consequences for women than for men in developing countries. Secondly, despite the discriminations they suffer, women are striving to adapt to climate change impacts. They are innovating on all continents and yet their actions, often undertaken locally, are undervalued and too rarely funded on a wider scale. Finally, women will become all the more efficient as they become empowered and fully exercise their rights. Mister Fabius promised that France will strongly support the recommendations of the report, especially regarding commitments promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in the Paris Agreement and more broadly in future strategies and funding.


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