Newsletter Nr 6 – Editorial

Dear readers, Both migration and climate change are likely to remain on the very top of the international agenda, posing key challenges for both France and Germany. The Centre is keen on positioning itself at...   Read More

Climate Migration & Health conference report

> Download the conference report booklet    On June 10, 2016, around 80 participants came together at the French embassy in Berlin to attend the conference « Climate Migration and Health », co-organized by the Centre Virchow Villermé...   Read More

Geneva Health Forum – What we Learnt at the Migration & Health Session

Migration affects every region of the world. According to WHO there is an estimated 1 billion migrants around the world today, of which 214 million are international migrants outside their country. Migrants face many issues...   Read More

Appel à partenariats : Programme « Méthodes numériques, Climat & Santé »

Séminaires et Journées de « mise en pratique »
. Un regard réflexif sur les méthodes et outils numériques développés autour des thématiques de recherche : Climat et Santé.   Le programme « Méthodes numériques, Climat...   Read More

Understanding Zika Virus With a MOOC

The Centre Virchow-Villermé developed with Aline Philibert (University of Montreal) the MOOC “In the footstep of Zika… approaching the unknown”. Aiming at facilitating the understanding of the stakes around ZIKA virus, it will rely on...   Read More

Anneliese Depoux from Paris and Tobias Kurth from Berlin have complemented the directors board since January 2016 – Interview

The CVV has been in operation for three years now. What, in your opinion have been the main achievements in this period? AD: The Centre Virchow-Villermé produced in 3 years 17 MOOCs. The firsts four...   Read More

CVV Berlin integrated into the Institute of Public Health

Since January 2016, the Berlin subsidiary of the Centre Virchow-Villermé has been integral part of the Charité Institute of Public Health (IPH), directed by Tobias Kurth. The mission of the IPH is to improve population...   Read More

Labour Migration as an Adaptation of Climate Change: Health Implications, by Aline Philibert

In Africa, climate change is expected to amplify the intensity and frequency of drought or flooding (1), whose uncertainty makes increasingly difficult to predict fluctuations in crop yield and livestock feeding resources. For subsistence agriculture...   Read More

Association between migraine and the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, by Claire Carpenet

Scientific understandings Migraine is a primary headache disorder and ranked as one of the most disabling neurological diseases in adulthood. The one year prevalence of migraine is 6% in men and 18% in women. Typical...   Read More

EDGE International Summer School Politics of the Earth (Paris)

The Centre Virchow-Villermé is part of the organising committee of the EDGE (Environmental Diplomacy and Geopolitics) International Summer School, which will take place in Paris from September 4 to September 9. This summer school is...   Read More