Comparison on Tobacco Control to be Conducted at the Centre Virchow-Villermé

The consumption of tobacco products is still one of the most significant causes for morbidity and mortality worldwide. Cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes and cancer are the illnesses that are predominantly associated with smoking. Tobacco consumption is regarded as one of the biggest global threats to economy, environment and health. There are 6 million deaths caused by tobacco consumption globally every year.1

in French-German health care policy comparisons, there are several questions arising:

What are the general structures and current measures regarding tobacco control policy in Germany and France?

To what extent has the percentage of people smoking changed in Germany and France since the commencement of the FCTC?

What could be further measures to reduce the smoking prevalences?

Could new tobacco products, such as smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes be taken into account as well?

In the following months, a documentary research focussing on indicators such as tobacco taxation, advertising, public campaigns, but also the role of alternative tobacco products will be conducted, in order to give an answer to the above mentioned questions and to hopefully determine potential concepts and strategies for joint action.

Katharina Klenk

Licence Creative Commons

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