Launch of Lancet Countdown 2017 report – climate change already damaging health of millions globally

New research shows that climate change is already a significant public health issue and a looming global health emergency. Its findings, outlined in The Lancet medical journal, demonstrate the various ways climate change is already affecting the health of people across the planet, today.

Leading doctors, academics and policy professionals from 26 partner organisations, including the Centre Virchow-Villermé for Public Health, have contributed analysis and jointly authored the report.

The authors are clear the necessary response to climate change still provides an opportunity to realise substantial gains in public health. The potential benefits and opportunities are staggering, including cleaning-up the air of polluted cities, delivering more nutritious diets, ensuring energy, food and water security, and alleviating poverty, alongside social and economic inequalities.

As an international research collaboration, the Lancet Countdown will help ensure the case for action on health and climate change is better evidenced and understood. Analysis across five separate themes and the 40 indicators that form the basis of the 2017 report, provides the first global stocktake of the issue. Publishing its research annually in The Lancet, its findings are intended to help inform an accelerated policy response to climate change and equip health professionals in managing its implications.

The CVV developed 2 of the 40 indicators in the 2017 report : an in-depth analysis of newspaper coverage on health and climate change (indicator 5.1.2), and a review of scientific publications linking climate change and health (indicator 5.3).


Anneliese Depoux, co-director of the CVV, presented the report on the French radio Europe 1 as well as to the French journal Le Figaro.

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