COP23 Side-Event: Displacements induced by El Niño, a public health issue

The 2017 UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), presided by Fiji and held in Bonn, Germany, opens today. As for previous COPs, the Centre Virchow-Villermé for Public Health will organize a side-event, together with USPC, Politics of the Earth, and University of Geneva. Entitled “Displacements induced by El Niño: a public health issue”, it will take place on Wednesday, the 8th of November.

This side-event seeks to connect the migration and health issues that are associated with El-Nino oscillations and how innovative tools in precision global health may be best applied to predict El Niño oscillations and patterns of emerging disease. As El-Niño will be deeply affected by climate change, the associated migration and health issues are likely to become increasingly connected. Yet these two crucial human dimensions of climate change remain insufficiently connected: the side-event will explore how they can be addressed through meaningful policy responses, communication and education, using new and innovative tools.

Furthermore, Anneliese Depoux, co-director of the CVV, will participate in two other side-events: “Health as a motivator of climate policy and household green behavior” organized by University of Heidelberg and Sauvons Le Climat on November 12; and a side-event on human displacement caused by climate change on November 13.

>> The program of the El Niño Side-Event is available here. 

>> Press Release

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