Climate Change is also a Global Health issue: CVV co-signed an article in the French Newspaper Le Monde

After the United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the research group “Politics of the Earth” including researchers from CVV, explains in an article in the French newspaper Le Monde that humanity’s fight against climate change now depends on European commitment. Moreover, it is mentioned that climate change may cause new pandemics underlining the serious global health issues facing climate change.

Interdisciplinary research has an important role to play. It is essential that environmental issues do not remain confined in departments of ecology, geoscience or physics but should also be dealt with in departments of economics, law, philosophy, communication, medicine, and international relations, to invent new “policies of the Earth”.

>> Read the article (in French)

>> See the article in Le Monde (in French)

>> Learn more about the research program Politics of the Earth (Poltiques de la Terre à l’épreuve de l’Anthropocène) (in French)

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