Climate Change

Politics of the Earth Conference “Renewing research, renewing action”, December 4-5, 2017

The interdisciplinary research programme “Politics of the Earth” will present its results during an international conference on December 4-5, 2017.  This programme gathers researchers from different fields and from 5 institutions of Université Sorbonne Paris...   Read More

COP23 Side-Event: Displacements induced by El Niño, a public health issue

The 2017 UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), presided by Fiji and held in Bonn, Germany, opens today. As for previous COPs, the Centre Virchow-Villermé for Public Health will organize a side-event, together with USPC, Politics...   Read More

Launch of Lancet Countdown 2017 report – climate change already damaging health of millions globally

New research shows that climate change is already a significant public health issue and a looming global health emergency. Its findings, outlined in The Lancet medical journal, demonstrate the various ways climate change is already...   Read More

Climate Change and Health on the global agenda

With the election of French President Emmanuel Macron this year, climate change came once again at the forefront of the French political agenda. Only one month after taking up presidency and after the US President...   Read More

Gender and climate change: pictures that speak for themselves

You can see above a picture of US President Donald Trump, signing one of his first presidential decrees. This decree restores the “global gag rule“, which prohibits the funding of international NGOs supporting abortion and,...   Read More

New teaser on the 4C-Health research project

The CVV is working on a research project concerning climate change and health, entitled 4C-Health (for Center for Climate Change Communication & Health). This project aims to study how the actors involved in the climate and health...   Read More

PUBLICATION: Health concerns in the climate change debate

Researchers from Centre Virchow-Villermé (4C-Health project), Politics of the Earth, The Hugo Observatory and the University of Geneva published an article in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, that  seeks to present the role of health concerns...   Read More

COP22 Conference Report: “Climate Change, Human Migration and Health”

On November 9, 2016, around 70 participants joined the side event “Climate Change, Human migration & Health” organized by the CVV at the COP22 in Marrakech. This event was organized in collaboration with the USPC...   Read More

M8 Alliance Expert Meeting on Migrants’ and Refugees’ Health

A M8 Alliance expert meeting on Migrants’ and Refugees’ Health will take place on June 23-24, 2017 in Rome. It will cover all aspects of migration related health issues. CVV organizes the meeting’s session on...   Read More

Journées doctorales Politiques de la Terre

Notre monde change, à tout point de vue, plus vite que ce que le débat public ne parvient à absorber. L’actualité le montre, à l’heure où la Terre est entrée dans une époque de transformation...   Read More