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Obesity, an infectious disease?

Is it worthwile for health purpose to continue to distinguish between chronic and communicable diseases? You may remember the recent period of time when gastric ulcer was attributed to anxiety or bad mood. Without Robin...   Read More

Cheap cigs in NYC? Forget it!

If there was Nobel prize in public health, and if I was among the jury members, I would have voted without hesitation for Michael Bloomberg, the New York mayor. This generous billionaire has given his name...   Read More

Cheers!… good health?

Following a continuing decrease in alcohol consumption for several decades, France is now experiencing a dramatic increase in hospitalizations due to alcohol related disorders. Citizen must demand for strong action, in spite of various lobbies...   Read More

Drug safety 2.0

How long will we live without using available early warning signals from the Internet, particularly when it involves health care quality and safety? Last February the 13th, a controversy raged, well summarized in Nature by Declan Butler...   Read More

Transforming Epidemiology for 21st Century

Volume, variety, velocity and value from available health data are currently transforming epidemiology. Khoury M et al, a collaborative group of epidemiologists and biostatisticians from the USA, have just released on line a paper on Cancer...   Read More

Rendering inoperable handheld portable devices while driving?

Our addiction to smartphone and other handheld portable devices make ineffective all current regulations, education, and guidelines aiming to restrict or ban their usage while driving. Jeffrey Coben and Motao Zhu from Schools of Medicine...   Read More

Ending fee-for-service by the end of the decade?

You may think it reflects either author’s mood or an expression of willingness to trying to lobby politicians, however it is actually the mantra of a major report delivered yesterday by the US Commission on...   Read More

Are patients'data patient's property on health on the net?

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Health sites are blooming worldwide, and recent changes in French regulations opening online sales to OTC drugs will not slow the process (see information on the French MoH website, in French, dated July 11, 2013).Their...   Read More

Health in international perspective: Shorter lives and poorer health in USA

Steven Woolf et al. published the last report from the US Institute of Medicine (IoM). They compared US health indicators to those from 16 other wealthy, developed countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, G ermany, Italy, Japan,...   Read More

Evidence based Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet has been consistently noted as beneficial with respect to cardiovascular risk. Observational cohort studies had suggested potential for protection, and a systematic review had conclude to coronary risk reduction. In addition, small clinical...   Read More