Public Health

Walking or Tweeting: don’t do both !

Use of mobile phone for talking or texting when driving was identified as risk factors for car accident, and we read now that our addictive behaviors towards these mobile devices may lead to emergency rooms...   Read More

Obesity, addictions and the triumph of Dr. Knock

Visionary Jules Romains wrote Dr Knock or the Triumph of Medicine in 1923. This week,The American Medical Association (AMA) has recommended to classify obesity as disease. It affects more than 30% of North-Americans. It will be considered similar to...   Read More

Summer work: digestive walk!

n older people at risk for impaired glucose tolerance. These results were obtained from a crossover randomized control trial, (in such a design, patients are their own controls). Ten patients were included: older than 60...   Read More

H7N9 influenza: towards a new pandemic?

Emerging influenza viruses seems to never end. We have faced pandemic threat due to H5N1 avian flu, which emerged in South East Asia in the early 2000s. We have succeeded to deal with the unexpected...   Read More

Cluster of fatal meningitis in US homosexual males: a fear that sounds déjà-vu

A new strain of meningococus is emerging at New York City, and the contagion in the gay community seems to be accelarating in the last few months, according to a press release issued by the NYC...   Read More

Screening for Depression: Depressing!

Do primary care physicians need to regularly screen adults for depression? The US Preventive Service Task Force, as well as the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care support, since 2005, universal screening for depression in adults, in situations...   Read More

Preventing the Golden Holocaust

It was not envisageable a few years ago to ban smoking tobacco, although there were some pioneers to propose such a ban; the French Journalist Martine Perez, from Figaro, did so in her book written...   Read More

Walk around the clock

For how long will you have some more? We may read sooner or later menu labels in restaurant displaying amount of exercise needed to burn the food calories on foods ordered or consumed. A research...   Read More

Storm in a Petri cup

In the USA, his book would be definitely a bestseller. In France, it’s hard to foresee, since essays are usually not end-aisle displayed in libraries. However, Patrick Zylberman’s last book, “Tempêtes microbiennes” (nrf essais, Gallimard...   Read More

Drug Geopolitics, New Dehli after Pretoria

Twelve years after Pretoria trial when government of South Africa won against pharmaceutical companies on AIDS drugs, the recent ruling by the Indian Supreme Court, indicates that a new global pharmaceutical policy is emerging. This...   Read More