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5th Convention on Health Analysis & Management, Chamonix, 2013

Last September 27-28, thanks to professor Guy Vallancien (, a dynamic and charismatic full professor of urology at Paris Descartes School of Medicine, Sorbonne Paris Cité, we were 350 of us to paricipate to the...   Read More

Telehealth and The Elderly

Research in telemedicine and e-health has been mainly focused on clinical trials. There are few papers on the use of telehealth in older people using social sciences. What materiality for assistive technologies? How comfortable are...   Read More

Why does the TPD favour tobacco?

Video documentary (3min44) from SWOF: Why does the TPD favour tobacco?  

Bloomberg Ranking of Health Care Systems

Student’s ranking are usually released at the end of the academic year, when Institutions’s rankings are more often published before its start. That was the case for the ranking of hospitals in France recently (Le...   Read More

Caregivers: endangered species to be protected!

Today, the sea (of caregivers) looks like abunding of fishes, but in coming decades, when the last waves of baby boomers get older and switch from caregivers to potentially disabled persons, who will look after...   Read More

A Welcome Address in 10 Lessons (in Public Health)

Alfred Sommer is among the greatest North American leader in public health. Born in 1942, he is Dean emeritus of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where he was in duty from 1990 to...   Read More

Public Health, Nanny State and Individual Liberty

Public health policies are often perceived as threats against individual liberty. Actually, when they require to fasten safety belts when driving (and also for passengers), when they ban smoking (sin taxed) in restaurants, when they...   Read More

What do you want to learn in a MOOC dedicated to Public Health/Global Health?

The new Virchow-Villermé Center for Public Health Paris-Berlin will launch a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) next October, 2013 entirely dedicated to public health and global health. It will be hosted by a platform (initially...   Read More

Dengue fever, cross protection for two years

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Immunity against dengue viruses remains mysterious and researchers face difficulty to find an effective vaccine against this disease which infects more than 50 million humans each year in the world. This virus is transmitted by...   Read More

Double penalty and mistreatment

Less than a third of US patients with hypertension and hypercholesterolemia have the adequate treatments for both conditions. If they were treated appropriately, that would allow for risk reduction of coronary heart diseases by 50%. That’s...   Read More