Biological differences and gender inequalities in a health perspective

by Serge Rabier Serge Rabier, associate researcher at CVV and member of the French High Council on Gender Equality, focuses in his work on the integration of gender in public policies regarding health and sexual...   Read More

Lunch Seminars: CVV co-organizes a series of short conferences at Hôtel-Dieu, Paris

In 2017, the CVV has set up together with URC Eco and Hospinnomics the Lunch Seminars, a series of short conferences held at Hôtel-Dieu, Paris. The three teams meet once a month to exchange and...   Read More

The CVV and the University of Geneva investigate the nutrition and climate change education of future health professionals

Some challenging and persistent global public health problems are related to nutrition and to climate change. Nutrition is a major determinant of health, associated with prevention and treatment of a broad range of diseases, including...   Read More

Catch up on CVV articles on Public Health trends in The Conversation France

The CVV’s researchers regularly publish articles on Public and Global Health issues in The Conversation France. This independent online news and analysis media publishes articles written by researchers and academics for the public. It was...   Read More

“Putting outbreaks into perspective” – CVV conference at the French Embassy in Berlin

On March 24, 2017 the conference “Putting Outbreaks into perspective” was held at the French Embassy in Berlin. The conference, organized by the Centre Virchow-Villermé (CVV) and the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) in collaboration with the...   Read More

Migrants’ Health: Feedback on two conferences organized by the CVV in 2017

Despite the strong increase of migrants and refugees worldwide in recent years, insufficient attention has been paid to addressing their health needs. Policy-makers, health professionals, researchers and the media still need to tackle several critical...   Read More

Upcoming MOOCs

The MOOCs included in the #MOOCLive project: „Drugs, drug use, drug policy and health” allows students to analyse the question of drug use and its global concerns. This MOOC will be available beginning of 2018....   Read More

The MOOC Violence Against Women

In 2015, the CVV has been selected as second laureate of the IDEFI-N call for project for its #MOOCLive project. One of the objective is to produce 6 MOOCs in Global and Public Health. The...   Read More

The Global Health e-Academy initiative

The Centre Virchow-Villermé (CVV) is dedicated to develop and promote open and innovative education in Public Health. Being committed to ensure the continuous development and the sustainability of its attractive MOOCs offer (20 MOOCs produced),...   Read More

Climate Change and Health on the global agenda

With the election of French President Emmanuel Macron this year, climate change came once again at the forefront of the French political agenda. Only one month after taking up presidency and after the US President...   Read More