What do you want to learn in a MOOC dedicated to Public Health/Global Health?

The new Virchow-Villermé Center for Public Health Paris-Berlin will launch a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) next October, 2013 entirely dedicated to public health and global health. It will be hosted by a platform (initially...   Read More

Computer Assisted Essay-Grading

We knew for a while automated grading of multiple choice questionnaires, and we were eagerly looking forward to using essay-grading softwares. MIT did it! The New York Times published on April, 4th, that the nonprofit joint venture from...   Read More

The Year of the MOOCs

The New York Times had published a paper last November (free of access, in English) entitled “The Year of the MOOC“, where MOOC means massive open online course, however, I prefer to comment today the...   Read More

MOOC Tsunami in Higher Education

Massive, open, online courses embed all characteristics of what could be disruptive innovation in higher education: several alternatives, vivid discussion and debate, passion, new entrants arising every week, all of them trying to establish what...   Read More