Global Health

Drug Geopolitics, New Dehli after Pretoria

Twelve years after Pretoria trial when government of South Africa won against pharmaceutical companies on AIDS drugs, the recent ruling by the Indian Supreme Court, indicates that a new global pharmaceutical policy is emerging. This...   Read More

Cheers!… good health?

Following a continuing decrease in alcohol consumption for several decades, France is now experiencing a dramatic increase in hospitalizations due to alcohol related disorders. Citizen must demand for strong action, in spite of various lobbies...   Read More

Drug safety 2.0

How long will we live without using available early warning signals from the Internet, particularly when it involves health care quality and safety? Last February the 13th, a controversy raged, well summarized in Nature by Declan Butler...   Read More

Transforming Epidemiology for 21st Century

Volume, variety, velocity and value from available health data are currently transforming epidemiology. Khoury M et al, a collaborative group of epidemiologists and biostatisticians from the USA, have just released on line a paper on Cancer...   Read More

Health in international perspective: Shorter lives and poorer health in USA

Steven Woolf et al. published the last report from the US Institute of Medicine (IoM). They compared US health indicators to those from 16 other wealthy, developed countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, G ermany, Italy, Japan,...   Read More