Pour une analyse anthropologique des violences gynéco-obstétricales

Le titre en dit long : « Prévention et élimination du manque de respect et des maltraitances durant l’accouchement dans un établissement de santé » (en anglais, the prevention and elimination of disrespect and abuse during facility-based childbirth)....   Read More

Gender and climate change: pictures that speak for themselves

You can see above a picture of US President Donald Trump, signing one of his first presidential decrees. This decree restores the “global gag rule“, which prohibits the funding of international NGOs supporting abortion and,...   Read More

Assisted reproductive technology for all women: an anthropological step that still needs to be regulated

On June 27, 2017, the French Ethics Committee issued a report stating that assisted reproductive technology should be available for all women, and not only for women living in heterosexual couple and whose infertility had...   Read More

Podcast : Comment lutter contre les inégalités femmes-hommes ?

Serge Rabier, démographe spécialiste du genre et chercheur associé au CVV, a participé à une série de podcast réalisée par The Conversation France et les étudiants de la licence information-communication de l’Université Paris 13. Il y...   Read More

Sexual rights: the missing element in the development agenda?

The 50th Session of the Commission on Population and Development held last April at the UN headquarters in New York could not  end up on a final agreement, once again revealing the deep antagonisms in...   Read More

Contraception and abortion, a male issue?

The attributes assigned to masculinity make men express the need, consciously or not, to consider themselves as “real men” by taking risks in their sexual or social behavior. Risk behaviors and multiple sexual relationships are an expression of a...   Read More

What do men have to do with gender?

When women’s inequalities – assignments to inferiority roles, functions and status – are highlighted, gender equality provokes reactions of violent rejection or recurring resistance. It is  also true when the same inequalities are evoked through men who,...   Read More

Gender equality in companies?

Since the industrial revolution and through the various stages of globalization, companies have been at the heart of the economic system. This production-consumption system is currently being challenged by fundamental issues coming not only from...   Read More