International action on contaminated heparin

In January 2008, the North American health authorities received several notifications of anaphylactic reactions (angio-oedema, urticaria, tachycardia, nausea, severe hypotension) starting from November 2007. At first it was suspected that these were caused by faulty...   Read More

Look the future in the face

An excellent article by two WHO experts, Mathers C and Loncar D published in Plos medicine (on-line magazine with free access) in November 2006 attempts to make international predictions on morbi-mortality up to 2030, based...   Read More

A rather depressing creed

An article by Kirsch I et coll. published in the on-line magazine, Plos Medicine, on 26 February 2008, aroused considerable reaction in the media. The headline in one French TV magazine was: “Researchers show that...   Read More

Infectious diseases: “barking up the wrong tree”

A splendid article, co-authored by Peter Daszak, lecturer with a public health master from the EHESP, has just been published on the emergence and spread of infectious diseases in the world, from 1940 to 2004...   Read More

Indifférence statistiquement significative

Most people in Africa and Asia live and die without leaving the slightest trace in any civil status records or official statistics. Of the African states, only Mauritius and the Seychelles have complete records of...   Read More

What is the ideal public health system?

Denise Silber, the Franco-American e-health expert attempts to define the ideal public health system in an excellent article on the Veterans Health System (VHA) in the USA. “The ideal public health system gives equitable access...   Read More

January: ‘FLU is back on the rampage

The data from INSERM’s Sentinelles network confirm that, as each year, the ‘flu epidemic is back. The same old story, according to nearly all the journalists that cover the story like the start of the...   Read More

Where do students stand in all this?

As stated by Guillaume Houzel (President of the Observatoire de la vie étudiante) in the December 2007 issue of Esprit magazine, “the awareness of the impact of material life of students on their capacity to...   Read More

The right to breathe

2008 started in Europe under the auspices of public health. One of the essential aspects of public health led the French, Portuguese and German governments to ban smoking, to varying degrees, in all public places...   Read More