Telemedicine – phoney solution for lack of healthcare personnel

The Archives of Internal Medicine (abstract in English only available free on line) has just published an article by a team of scientists in the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the USA giving the results of a...   Read More

In favour of a Care Management qualification (Habilitation à Gérer les Soins (HGS)) for hospital practitioners

One of the problems in hospital management is often said to be lack of communication between the management and the medical corps. The EHESP, which trains management personnel, is very willing to take account of...   Read More

Sport: self-inflicted injuries?

Health education advertisements incite us to be active. Epidemiological studies agree unanimously that a sedentary life is unhealthy. More and more people are practising sport, according to the study published on 2 September 2008 in...   Read More

Medical tourism, a new Eldorado for developing countries?

A study published in the July 2008 issue (pages 101-110) of Social Science and Medicine by the French economist, Marc Lautier (Paris 13 University) looks at the new market of exporting health services by developing...   Read More

Universal Health Cover in the USA

There is no doubt that reforming the health insurance system is central to the North American presidential campaign, as seen from the first point in the Democratic Party’s manifesto published last week, affirming that the...   Read More

Open letter to the future President of the United States

To the Presidential Candidates of the United States of America, I should like to draw your attention to the following recommendations, which I trust you will find useful when you take up the reins of...   Read More

Ambition, modesty and… pretention

A report dated 10 July 2008 from the Medical Press Agency misquotes me claiming that I made the following statement: Antoine Flahault aims to make the EHESP a real “university of public health”, not just...   Read More

Five myths about Africa

In an excellent book by Giles Bolton (”Africa doesn’t matter”, published by Arcade, Hachette, USA, 2008), the author debunks five “myths” that are still held about Africa (pages 22-24): “Famine is due to a lack...   Read More

Public Health Inspector appointed president of MSF

Dear readers, my apologies for this string of abbreviations that sound rather like some kind of alphabet soup. The EHESP was proud to learn that Marie-Pierre Allié, Médecin Inspectrice de Santé Publique (MISP – Public...   Read More

Studying public health

The EHESP has just published a short book by Didier Fassin (anthropologist, sociologist and doctor of medicine, professor at Paris 13 University and research scientist at the EHESS). The work is entitled “Faire de la...   Read More